Trauma Insurance Case History 1

Trauma Insurance Case History 1

the following is an example of a Case History in relation to Trauma Insurance. If you require advice regarding an Trauma Insurance Policy, please contact us directly.

The Situation

Legal Assistant, Marie, 34 years of age – “didn’t need insurance cover”, but …!

Marie, 34, is a Legal Assistant. Six years ago on the advice of her older sister, Marie talked to a financial adviser about insurance protection. Although not married at the time and with no children, or major financial commitments, she insured her life by way of Income Protection Insurance together with Trauma / Diagnosis Insurance cover of $200,000.

Marie’s main interest in life, aside from Michael, her partner of two years, is playing hockey. Priding herself on keeping fit and healthy, she is a longstanding member of her local club, with a reputation as a reliable goal sneak. At a country game, two hours from home, she was waiting to go onto the field, when she suddenly blacked out and collapsed. She was rushed to hospital, semi-conscious. One of her team mates contacted Michael, and he hurried to the hospital to be with her.

Marie regained full consciousness at the hospital. After urgent and extensive medical testing, she was diagnosed as having suffered a minor stroke! 34 years old. This news came as both a relief and a shock to her and Michael – relief that she had not suffered something even more serious, and shock that someone her age could have a stroke – a medical condition they had both previously thought only affected much older people.

After a period of rehabilitation, she made an almost full recovery. However, she was told that she would be on medication for the rest of her life, to prevent further strokes. While she was convalescing, she checked with her financial adviser about whether any of the insurance policies she’d taken out a few years ago would cover her now. She learnt she could claim under both. The Income Protection kicked in immediately because the waiting period, of one month, had already passed. Therefore she began receiving $6,500 per month until she was deemed medically fit to return to work – by her own doctor. Also, her Trauma Insurance / Diagnosis Insurance policy paid out immediately, because stroke was one of the 27 stipulated medical conditions. With her adviser’s help she made the claim and received the full payment of $200,000. This took a matter of two weeks to be received. All she had to do was complete a form and send in the medical reports from her doctor and hospital etc.

She and Michael paid off medical debts which had mounted up, and also paid off a substantial part of the home loan they had only recently taken out. They also decided they needed a holiday, and used some of the money to take a luxury three-week trip to Italy. Marie also claimed on her Crisis benefit under her income protection policy while she was off work and continued to receive the monthly income protection money for a further four months until she returned to work at that point. This income protection funding helped cover their everyday expenses such as their home loan and other bills and ongoing medical bills.

Marie returned to work after four months, and her Income Protection naturally ceased. It remained in place however, should something re-occur. Being a non-cancellable contract she continued paying normal rate premiums in case of anything further that should occur in the future!!! She also went on to resume playing hockey two months after that. She also took up archery!

… and she “didn’t need insurance cover at her age”!!!???!!!

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