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Diagnosis Insurance and Trauma Insurance Australia

Diagnosis Insurance or Trauma Insurance cover provides a lump sum upon DIAGNOSIS of a critical illness and similar diseases. It is not dependant on whether it is a major case, or a minor case, and it is not dependent upon death. It is paid upon DIAGNOSIS of one of the specificed illnesses, including things like cancer, heart attack, stroke etc.

Trauma insurance, sometimes called Critical Illness Insurance, is designed to give you money when you need it most. Whilst it is more expensive than other personal insurances, it is the one that’s most claimed upon and that’s reflected in the premiums!

Trauma Insurance has benefits which can be varied to suit the individual, and which have a direct affect on the premium cost. It is wise to compare Trauma Insurance policies as they can vary substantially in their conditions. We have put together a table below which illustrates a hypothetical Trauma Insurance comparison.

Table: Compare Trauma Insurance

Breast Cancer – Does the policy cover full mastectomy?YESYESYESYES
Breast Cancer – Does the policy cover lump only removal?NONONOYES
Does the policy have the very latest heart attack definition(s) in line with the latest and current medical definitions and perimeters?YESNOYESNO
HIV – Does the policy cover needlestick injury (i.e. for medical professionals / nurses)NONONOYES
Does the policy permit own doctor examination for cover over $1M?YESYESNOYES
Are partials allowed within the policy? Meaning loss of one limb, loss of two limbs, loss of both arms or loss of one leg and one arm?NONOYESYES

Confused? We Can Help!

If you don’t know which of the above would be best for you, don’t be concerned. That’s where we can help. We can help you compare trauma insurance policies and diagnosis insurance policies and find the best policy for your situation. This is why we recommend using an insurance broker such as ourselves to help you compare trauma insurance policies. This is important as, as you can see from the above, not all Australian Trauma Insurance Policy covers are the same. It is wise to obtain a Trauma Insurance comparison for this reason. We are diagnosis and trauma insurance providers and can help you find the cheapest diagnosis and trauma insurance for your personal and particular situation.

Trauma Insurance Comparison Quotes & Inquiries

If you are looking for an Australian trauama insurance policy for your situation or life and income protection insurance or just wish to submit an online trauma insurance quote request, go to the diagnosis and trauma insurance request quotation page.

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