Life Insurance

What IS Life Insurance?

Life Insurance will pay a specified amount to the owner of the policy, upon your death by EITHER death by accident, and / or death by illness.

Accidental Life Insurance (also called Accidental Death Insurance) will pay a specified amount to the owner of the policy, ONLY upon your death by accident.

Do I need Life Insurance?

It depends on your individual circumstances, but if anyone depends upon your income in any way, then you should have Life Insurance (or Term Life Insurance or Life Assurance) to protect them and protect their financial well being. Everyone has varying needs. If you have dependants, ie. spouse, children, other beneficiaries, Life Insurance or Life Assurance can provide a source of income in the event of your death. You could even thnk of it as family life insurance. It can pay out your debt. Life Insurance can provide for Estate Planning, buying out of business partners shareholding in the event of that business partners death (See the life insurance & partnership insurance page for more information). Life Insurance can fund buy / sell agreements. Life Insurance can fund a Company with Key Person cover (See the life insurance & key person insurance page for more information).

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Getting the right Life Insurance Policy for You! Life Insurances are NOT the same.

The Insurance Industry is heavily regulated and therefore, most companies provide sound products and similar cost structures. The differences are to be found in their administrative qualities, processing procedures, company culture, policy review process, state or national underwriting, claims history, etc. These differences can really only be ascertained through discussion with an Insurance Adviser. We can help you compare Life Insurance Quotes and undertake a Life Insurance comparison. We can help you with a Life Insurance comparison before you buy life insurance!

It is important to understand that unrestricted life Insurance Advisers or Financial Advisers, can provide information and costs on all Life Insurance Companies policies. However, Life Insurance Advisers from within the banking industry, or mortgage originator industry normally have only one particular Insurance Company’s policies from which to select. Those policies are quite often ‘badged’ with the particular bank or mortgage originators name. It is important that you reflect on how this impacts on the advice you receive.

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Sum Insured: – How much Life Insurance Cover do you need?

The calculation of sum insured, is an individual issue and varies accordingly. It will depend on the stage you are at in life, whether you are single or married, whether you have debt and how much, whether you have a spouse and children who need financial provision made for them, whether you have a disabled child or other beneficiary who may need special needs and particular sums of money ongoing, etc., etc.

To assist you we have provided a guide to life insurance coverage / sum insured to help you establish how much life insurance cover you will need.

Who can OWN the Life Insurance Policy / Receive the proceeds from the Life Insurance Policy?

The Life Insured – is the person on which the insurance is placed.

The Owner of the policy can be:

a) Yourself – in which case the money will be paid to your Estate. And will be distributed as instructed in your Will or Estate Plan.

b) Yourself – and paid to specified Beneficiaries which are listed on the Policy Document. In this case the funds are paid directly to the beneficiaries not through your Will or Estate.

c) Any other person you wish to name as the Policy Owner – the funds will be paid directly to that person. Perhaps in the event of a debt owed. Perhaps in the event of a Partnership Buy Out.

d) Your superannuation fund – Where there are large sums insured, and therefore larger life insurance premiums incurred, it is sometimes prudent to put the policy in the name of the Superannuation Fund. The life insurance premiums will then be paid to the Trustee of the Super fund rather than your Estate. There is a taxation deduction applicable if the insurance is structured this way. However please note, there can be negatives in doing it this way, depending on individual circumstances. Some of which may occur after your death, such as in a disputed Will. In short, it is the Trustee of the Super fund who will ultimately decide where the funds are distributed, and in the event of a Will dispute, it can be the case that the Trustee instructs differently to how you would have ultimately wished. You are not there to issue instructions of course!!! You have peacefully moved on!!! 

In this case, if the Super fund is the Owner of the policy and pays the life insurance premiums, it is the Trustee who has the power of those funds, not your Estate, or your spouse, partners children etc. In summary, if using your Super fund as Owner of your policy you need to consider issues such as tax consequences, reasonable benefit limits (RBL’s) and Estate Planning issues.

e) A Company – In the event of a company insuring a Key Person. This is usually issued under ‘Key Person Insurance’ and will provide funding for the Company in the event of a Key Person’s death. Usually this is designed to provide funding for the Company to replace any loss of production, earnings or potential earnings that may occur should a Key Person die. It can also be used to provide funding to secure the services of a replacement as quickly as possible and by having the funding available through insurance monies, relieves the cash flow of the Company which is already under stress because of the loss of that Key Person.

f) Cross owned with another individual – Means you own the policy and the Life Insured is the other person, and vice-versa. This could be required in the event of a partnership buy out or buy/sell. Should either partner die, there is funding to provide for the buy out of the deceased shareholding. This negates the remaining partner having to fund such a purchase by borrowing or using company capital. The funding is provided by the insurance proceeds.

Is Life Insurance Tax Deductible in Australia?

We often get asked ‘is life insurance taxable?’ Basically, a Life Insurance Policy owned by a Superannuation Fund where the life insurance premiums are paid by the Superannuation Fund, the life insurance premiums are tax deductible and Life Insurance policies owned by anyone other than a Superannuation Fund are not tax deductible.

Life Insurance Premium Examples

The following tables give you examples of the low relative cost of Life Insurance. It shows you a couple of examples of Life Insurance Premiums for a male and female with different levels of Life Insurance cover and situations. Please note that many factors effect your Life Insurance premium including the work you do, whether you smoker, your age and life insurance coverage / sum insured and should only be taken as a guide. Make sure you let us help you with a life insurance comparison to ensure you get the right policy for your particular circumstances!

EmploymentManagement ConsultantSecretarial / Administration / Office
SmokerNon SmokerNon Smoker
Annual Gross Income$100,000$80,000
SmokerNon SmokerNon Smoker
Sum Insured (Death Insurance Cover)$1,000,000$500,000
Life Insurance Premium (Monthly)$53.22$31.63

NOTE: All Life Insurance premium figures and life insurances estimates are not to be taken as advice in any way, but are for illustrative purposes only.

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