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Income Protection Insurance Comparison

Income Protection Insurance or Income Insurance (also known as Salary Insurance) is a replacement income if you are unable to work at full capacity, or at all, due to sickness or injury. It is basically Income Insurance protection. If you do not have an alternative income to rely on upon your illness or injury, you need Income Protection Insurance or Income Insurance Protection cover. Australian Income Protection Insurance will help you maintain your home, lifestyle, provide for your dependants, while you spend what ever time is needed to recuperate.

Income Protection Insurance (or Salary Insurance) has benefits which can be varied to suit the individual, and which have a direct affect on the premium cost. It is wise to compare Income Protection Insurance policies or Salary Insurance policies as they vary substantially in their conditions. We have put together a table below which illustrates a hypothetical Income Protection Insurance comparison.

Table: Compare Income Protection Insurance

Does the policy cover you if you work less than 30 hours in total in a normal week?YESNONONO
Is the monthly benefit compromised if you work up to …    
… 5 hours per week during your injury or illness?YESYESNONO
… 10 hours per week during your injury or illness?YESNONOYES
Is holiday pay offset against your monthly benefit?NOYESYESYES
Is the income protection policy an Indemnity contract?NONOYESNO
Is the income protection policy an Agreed Value contract?YESYESNOYES

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If you don’t know which of the above would be best for you, don’t be concerned. That’s where we can help. We can help you compare income protection insurance policies and find the best policy for your situation. This is why we recommend using an insurance broker such as ourselves to help you compare income protection insurance policies. This is important as, as you can see from the above, not all Australian Income Protection Insurance Policy covers are the same. It is wise to obtain a Salary Insurance or an Income Protection Insurance comparison for this reason. We are income protection insurance providers and can help you find the cheapest income protection insurance for your personal income protection insurance particular situation.

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