Frequently Asked Questions

Life, Trauma, TDP, Income Protection Insurance Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Below are some of the more common questions we are asked.

Q: Why Deal with Anne Davidson?
A: Being an Insurance Broker, research is done on your behalf to find the better insurance product for your individual requirements, taking your personal details into consideration. We are not tied to any one Insurance Provider.

Q: Can I consult directly with you?
A: Yes. You can email Anne personally, on and contact will be made with you, according to your requests or instructions within the email message. Alternatively, telephone direct on 1300 766 467.

Q: If I complete a request for quotation form, am I then signed up for anything?
A: Absolutely Not. An insurance quote form is just a request for price information.

Q: What is the process of getting life insurance, trauma insurance, income protection insurance or total & permananent disability insurance cover if I accept the quote given?
A: In summary, the process will be as outlined below:
· Request Insurance Quote 
· Quote replied and accepted by you
· An application form (a proposal), and relevant documentation, will be forward to you. Some will be for your information and some will be for completion, signature, and returned for assessment
· The Underwriter of the Insurance company will assess your application
· The details of that assessment will be conveyed to you
· There may be other information, medical or financial questions, the Underwriter may need to further the assessment. If so, this will be duly coordinated with yourself. It cannot happen without you!!!
· Once the assessment is completed, you will be advised if there is a conditional proposal.
· You will be asked to sign the conditional proposal
· Upon your signature and acceptance, the Insurance will then be Underwritten and you will be covered accordingly.
· You will receive verbal advice from your adviser (Me)
· You will receive the original policy document mailed to you from the relevant Insurance Co.

Q: Can I cancel the policy?
A: Yes, at any time. You can either write, email, or ring your adviser (Me). Or you can either write, email or ring the relevant Insurance Company direct.

Q: Is there a cash value to any of the insurance policies ?
A: No. They are insurance policies only, with no investment components.

Q: How do I pay the life insurance premiums?
A: There are normally three choices: by personal cheque or money order, by direct debit from your bank account, or by authority to debit your credit card. You can normally pay monthly or annually. There is sometimes a discount if you choose to pay annually.

Q: What Companies do you deal with?
A: As an Insurance Broker, we are unrestricted as to which Insurance Company we deal with.

Q: Do I have to be an Australian resident?
A: Yes. You need Australian permanent residency.

Q: Do the insurance policies cover me outside of Australia?
A: Normally yes. There may be restrictions if you are traveling into war torn countries.

Q: Are there any medical requirements?
A: This will depend upon several factors.
a) When high sums insured are requested, different companies have differing levels. Tests for blood pressure, cholesterol, HIV and various other tests may be required
b) Usually these tests can be performed by a Mobile Medical Team which is organized in liaison with yourself, and can be conducted at your home, or office, usually seven days per week. This service and the test results are paid for by the relevant Insurance Company. 
c) Factors such as age, smoker or non smoker, current health issues, past medical problems or other similar issues, can require medical testing.
d) A full medical examination by a specialist doctor is normally only required in the event of very large sums insured ie. $5M +
e) Underwriters may request a medical report from your family doctor.

Q: Are all policies subject to tax deductions? (ie. are the life insurance premiums tax deductible?)
A: No. Generally the following applies:
· Income Protection insurance policy premiums are tax deductible 
· Trauma Insurance / Diagnosis Insurance cover is not tax deductible
· Life Insurance owned by anyone other than a Superannuation fund is not tax deductible
· Life Insurance owned by a Superannuation Fund is tax deductible
· TPD Insurance owned by anyone other than a Superannuation fund is not tax deductible
· TPD Insurance owned by a Superannuation Fund is tax deductible

Q: What costs are incurred by me when getting a quote or applying for life insurance?
A: There is no cost for obtaining a quotation. There is no cost to you when applying for Insurance or when the Insurance is underwritten. 

Q: Who pays you?
A: The respective insurance company pays a commission to the Broker. The commissions paid are pretty much the same from one Insurance provider to the next. All commissions paid are fully disclosed to you by the Adviser (Me).

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