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As Australian insurance brokers, we are not tied to any particular Insurance Policies or Insurance Companies, so can find the best Life, Income Protection, Trauma or TPD Insurance Policy for your specific needs.
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Life Insurance Made Simple

When you deal with us, as a Life Insurance Broker, Life Insurance Company or Insurance Broker we undertake research on your behalf (upon submission of your request for personal insurance such as Life Insurance quotes, Income Protection Insurance quote, Trauma Insurance or Diagnosis Insurance quote or Total and Permanent Disability Insurance quotes (TPD quotes)), to find the better personal insurance product for your individual requirements, taking your personal details into consideration.

We do NOT provide an automated online quotation system on this site as we believe to give you the best insurance quotes and to identify the better personal insurance for you, we need to need to factor in your personal situation and insurance needs.

As Australian insurance brokers, we are not tied to any particular Insurance Policies or Insurance Companies, so can find the best Life, Income Protection, Trauma or TPD Insurance Policy for your specific needs.

A Life Insurance Portfolio

A Life Insurance Portfolio will consist of one or some or ALL of the following: 
(Click on the link for more information & detail on each type of Insurance Cover)

Life Insurance – lump sum payable upon death by accident, and / or death by illness. You should compare life insurance policies carefully as there are differences. For example, Accidental Life Insurance will pay a specified amount to the owner of the policy, ONLY upon your death by accident. So, make sure you read the Life Insurance section before deciding to proceed with any life quotes or life insurance quotes you may receive.

Total & Permanent Disability Insurance Cover (TPD Insurance) – lump sum payable upon being medically totally and permanently disabled due to illness or accident and is used to clear out debts, provide funds for medical costs and annual income streams to ensure you maintain the same quality of lifestyle. TPD Insurance is generally paid when you have been advised by a medical specialist that you will never work again.

Trauma Insurance / Diagnosis Insurance – lump sum payable upon being medically diagnosed with a trauma medical condition (see list of Trauma Medical Conditions). Trauma insurance or Diagnosis insurance is designed to give you money when you need it most.

Income Protection Insurance – Up to 75% of your gross income paid to you monthly in the event you are medically unable to perform your normal duties. If you do not have an alternative income to rely on upon while you are sick or injured, you need Income Protection Insurance cover. Income Protection Insurance will help you maintain your home and lifestyle and provide for your dependants, while you spend what ever time is needed to recuperate.
Do I need Life Insurance?

It depends on your individual circumstances, but if anyone depends upon your income in any way, then you should have Life Insurance to protect them and protect their financial well being. Everyone has varying needs. If you have dependants, ie. spouse, children, other beneficiaries, Life Insurance can provide a source of income in the event of your death. It can pay out your debt. Life Insurance can provide for Estate Planning, buying out of business partners shareholding in the event of that business partners death (See the life insurance & partnership insurance page for more information). Life Insurance can fund buy / sell agreements. Life Insurance can fund a Company with Key Person cover (See the life insurance & key person insurance page for more information).

All these issues and more are all explained on the Life Insurance page(s).

Compare Trauma, TPD, Income Protection and Life Insurance Policies

There are many different types of Trauma, TPD, Income Protection and Life Insurance Policies available and cheap life insurance policies such as may be advertised on TV may not be the best option for you. If you wish to compare insurance policies, as Australian Life Insurance Brokers we can help you compare Life Insurance, compare TPD insurance,compare Income Protection Insurance and compare Income Protection Insurance policies to identify the best life insurance policy for your situation.

So if you would like to compare personal insurance policy options for your situation, you can either visit our insurance poliy comparison pages (compare Life Insurance, compare TPD insurance, compare Income Protection Insurance andcompare Income Protection Insurance) or use our contact us page to send us an online inquiry or submit an online quote request form by going to our Life Insurance quotes, TPD Insurance quotes, Trauma Insurance quotes or TPD Insurance quotes pages.

Further Inquiries

As Insurance Brokers, we welcome inquiries on our Life Insurance, Trauma Insurance, TPD Insurance & Income Protection Insurance products and insurance broker services. We can help you compare life insurance policies, compare income protection insurance policies, compare trauma insurance or compare tpd insurance policies from various sources and ensure you get the most appropriate policy for your particular circumstances.

Please feel free to send us an email, call us on 1300 766 467, use our contact us page to send us an online inquiry for any form of insurance quote or submit a life insurance quote, income protection insurance quote, trauma insurance quote or tpd insurance quote form. We will contact you within 24 hours to answer your inquiry.


This web site does not provide financial or investment advice. The information herein is general material and does not take into account your personal and particular insurance, personal, or investment data or objectives or relevant needs. If we can assist with specific advice please contact us. 

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